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Balloons over Bagan


Have you ever thought about having one of the most wonderful experiences in your life and feel how is it like to fly? If this kind of activity is on your bucket list from a long time now or you just came up with this idea of wishing to fly , you should make a research about Bagan. The ancient city situated in Asia is the most popular in the whole world for the balloon rides, and for sure seeing the image with all the balloons over Bagan will convince you to do this within minute.

With a large experience with over 20 years since it started, balloons over Bagan the company now has a fleet of 12 hot air balloons and waits for the tourists to book and come there from 10th of October to 10th of April, which is the best period for hot air balloons to fly. Usually the balloon rides are scheduled for the morning because the cold air felt will allow it to fly really close to the city and offer a closer look to the temples. Also, for the photographers who come there to take a few great shots and keep them over the time, this is the best moment when the light will be also in the favour of the amazing landscape.

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There are three types of offers for balloon rides you can choose from when you start to plan your trip here. All three of them will start at the sunrise and will have a duration of 3 hours when the flight time will have almost one hour. Also after booking, you don’t have to stress about planning anything else because you will have already provided the pick up from the hotel you stay in and also the return service. You will receive photos made during the flight and also a comprehensive briefing made by the pilot. Post-flight most wanted activity is tasting champagne and receiving the celebration and the certificate issued. According to the offer you choose to book for your ride, after all these steps in your ride you will have the possibility to eat a traditional breakfast and taste the Asian food which is very popular.

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Ending with, whenever you decide it’s time to have a great adventure and do something different than every type of holiday you had before, Balloons Over Bagan is waiting for you to make your appointment and come there to give the well experienced crewmembers and pilots the possibility to offer you an unique experience. As this kind of activity continues to grow up over the years, you should better book it in advance because the places are filled up very quickly.

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