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Ten Must Visit Places if on A Golden Triangle Road Tour


Delhi, agra, and jaipur are the places that make up the incredible golden triangle tour. And the name of this triangle is fair, considering all the fantastic destinations it offers. Here are a few places you can explore in the golden triangle which will elevate your experience in the best manner possible. India is a very diverse country that features various cultures, terrains, and even cuisines. So, you should not wait much longer and plan a full-fledged 3 days golden triangle tour.

Places to Visit in The State of Delhi

When we talk about the golden triangle, the first place: to mind is delhi. It is the capital state of india and features a lot of governmental and cultural heritage sites. Old delhi and new delhi are two separate sectors of this state, and new delhi features the capital.

  • Akshardham temple

Also known as swaminarayanakshardham, this is a hindu temple and a rich spiritual campus of new delhi, india. The temple is close to noida and offers a lot of culture on display. Yogijimaharaj was the main inspiration of this temple, and pramukh swami maharaj created the overall architecture. Baps had the principal hand behind this temple’s construction. If you plan a golden triangle tour 2 nights 3 days, this is a perfect start.

  • Red fort

Red fort is a historically significant fort in old delhi, india, and was the mughal emperors’ central crown. This fort consists of red sandstone and can endure even the harshest punishments from mortars and canons. Shah jahan later made his mind and shifted his capital to delhi. This fort is also known as the agra fort but resides in old delhi.

  • Qutubminar

Qutabminar is a victory tower that stands near the mehrauli area of new delhi. This fort is a world legacy site and is seventy-two meters long. It is the tallest minaret in the world and has a base of about fourteen meters. The whole tower also consists of 379 steps for people who like climbing to the top.

Places to Visit in Agra 

  • Tajmahal

One of the seven wonders of the creation, the tajmahal, is famous since its creation in the mughal empire era. This palace is home to mughal emperor shah jahan and his wife, mumtazmahal. It is well known among tourists as a very well-made piece of architecture. The white marbles also change color with the day of the day, making it even more impressive. A 3-day golden triangle tour is perfect for experiencing the tajmahal.

  • Fatehpursikri

Fatehpursikri resides about 40 kilometers from agra and is a city made of red sandstone. The mughal emperor akbar made this city and lived here for quite a while. Eventually, he had to leave because of some dispute in punjab. After his abandonment, the residents also left this city in ruins, but it is now a famous world heritage site and tourist spot. It is not in ruins anymore, but incredibly beautiful with decorations and engravings, making the beauty stand out even more. You can fully experience fatehpursikri in a 3 days golden triangle tour.

  • Itmad-ud-daulah’s tomb

Mughal empire had a collection of incredible artists who made some fantastic architectural marvels. Queen noorjahan loved her pares dearly, and even after they died, she made this tomb in their respect. The palace is made of yellow marble with black and white decorations. This tomb is also known as baby taj by the locals because it’s wall decorations match tajmahal’s.

Places to Visit in Jaipur 

  • City palace

The city palace is a specimen of architectural brilliance made in the 18th century by rajput king maharaja jai singh ii. The pillars of this monument are made of latticework, and there are engravings on marble. It got constructed when the rajput king took his capital from amer to jaipur because of water scarcity and increased population.

  • Hawamahal

Mughal empresses did not have the allowance to appear in public because of specific household rules and regulations. Hawamahal is a palace that gave the mughal empress the ability to take a glimpse of bustling streets. The castle has over 953 small windows, which gave the princesses excellent airflow inside as well.

  • Nahargarh fort

Nahargarh fort stands along the edge of aravali hills and overlooks the city of jaipur. The fort is in rajasthan and acted as a defense ring of the town. People believe that nahar in this name stands for naharsinghbhomia and that his spirit was haunting this fort’s construction until they made a temple on his memory. To explore nahargarh, you do not need much time, and so a 2 nights 3 days golden triangle tour does it incredible justice.

In conclusion

Golden triangle is an intriguing place to travel and witness, especially with its unique architecture that decorates its diverse landscapes. You can take a lot in by availing yourself of a 3 days golden triangle tour. You, will, find a lot more to enjoy on the road as well. The cuisine consists of food from many different cultures, such as peethas, parathas, and golgappas.

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