5-Step Guide to International Flights Booking via Mileage Redemption5-Step Guide to International Flights Booking via Mileage Redemption
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5-Step Guide to International Flights Booking via Mileage Redemption


You have built up a cache of miles and want to utilise the stash for an international flight ticket to your dream destination? Here are simple pointers to get you started.

Imagine hiking in Patagonia, honeymooning in Paris or snowmobiling in Finnish Lapland without having to pay an exorbitant price to visit these dream destinations? Yes, it’s doable. Thanks to airline miles, you can travel to exotic locales that may have been beyond your reach otherwise. How you may wonder.

Most airlines have a travel loyalty programme that allows frequent flyers to earn reward points every time they take to the skies. The miles earned over time can be converted into free or discounted airline tickets. Before we look at the steps to book tickets through miles, let’s go through some important tips that can ensure a smooth booking experience.

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Some Important Tips

  • You need to collect a sizeable number of miles before you are legible to book award flights.
  • The miles in your kitty cover only the cost of the ticket, but you will have to pay for taxes and fees related to booking the flight.
  • It’s prudent to book your flight at the earliest possible as most major carriers have a fixed number of award tickets that can be booked. The chances are brighter for early birds.
  • And yes, you can buy, consolidate or get miles transferred from loved ones into your account if you are falling short. This turns out to be a more cost-effective option than purchasing the full fare ticket.

Now that we know these tips, let’s walk you through a step by step process of booking international flight tickets through mileage redemption.

Step 1: Log in To Your Frequent Flyer Membership Account

The interface of airlines may differ but the basic procedure for redeeming miles is more or less on a similar pattern. For starters visit the desired program’s website and thereafter log onto your frequent flyer account with your username and password. Hit the link to view your account details. The total number of miles that you have accrued shall flash under your name.Make note of the same.

Step 2: Search for Flights

Next click on the tab delegated for booking award travel. Begin searching for flights by entering your foreign destination along with dates of travel. Don’t forget to use the option of miles as a mode of payment. Check availability status as some airline loyalty programmes have blackout dates when miles cannot be used for booking tickets.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Flight

In case your first choice is not available, call the hotline of the airline for help. Their personnel might be able to offer alternate routes or recommend multiple airlines to reach your overseas destination. Make sure to check the price in miles for the alternate solutions.

Step 4Book the Flig: ht

If tickets are available for the preferred time frame and you have sufficient miles at your disposal, click on the option to book the flight. Furnish the appropriate travel information (destination airport, dates, class of service, etc.) in the fields provided and submit details to permit award redemption.

Step 5: Print Your Ticket

As the final step, verify that the miles from your account are deducted and the e-ticket issued via email. You can print the e-ticket receipt for future reference.

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As you can see, nailing international flights booking with accumulated miles isn’t as straightforward as buying the ticket right away with cash. But with a little patience and the right planning strategy, it’s possible. So what are you waiting for? Set your travel goals and get ready to burn your miles for an unforgettable overseas trip.

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