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Tips for Traveling as a Couple:’s Affordable Booking Options for Couples


If you’re taking your first – hopefully first of many – trip as a couple, here are a few tips for making the experience incredibly enjoyable, affordable, and memorable using offers a wide variety of budget-friendly, romantic vacation rentals around the world.

Taking your first couple’s trip is an exciting event, but the planning process can be a fraught experience, particularly if you don’t agree on fundamental vacationing principles. However, if you agree on your destination, your budget, and your activities, congratulations! Your trip is off to an excellent start.

Nevertheless, even if you believe you are compatible enough to spend a weekend or a week together, there are still a few things you should keep in mind that may help maximize your enjoyment of your trip and each other.

  • Find alone time. Not time alone with your partner, but time alone with yourself. It may seem counterintuitive to carve out alone time when you’re taking a couple’s vacation, but it is really easy to become overwhelmed by the constant presence of your significant other. Visiting an attraction or museum by yourself and then meeting your partner for a meal afterwards to discuss your day can enrich your overall experience.

  • Experience new things. You will probably be tempted to do the things that you know you love to do when you’re not technically vacationing. So you’ll visit museums you know you both like, or restaurants you know you’ll both like, etc. Wander out of your comfort zone and attempt something that is entirely new to both of you.

  • Exercise patience. It is really easy to bring your frustrations with you when you go on vacation, but do your best to leave them behind and experience your trip as an entirely new life, even though it may only last a day or two. Compromise is key, and even if your partner’s view of the perfect trip might be different from yours, you can still certainly enjoy your partner’s enjoyment of activities you wouldn’t necessarily choose.

  • Have fun! Be spontaneous, fall in love again, and use your trip as an opportunity to learn new things about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

How can help you book the romantic vacation of a lifetime connects couples to the ultimate travel accommodations everywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking for an intimate B&B, a luxury vacation rental, or a budget-friendly hotel room, you can find a fantastic deal for a fantastic getaway any time of the year.

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