A complete guide to cruise travel insurance
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A complete guide to cruise travel insurance


There would be hardly anyone who never travels. Every one of us has traveled at some point in time for different reasons. People travel for holidays, work, adventure, and hobbies. For all those who travel for a holiday, adventure or hobby, cruise travel is definitely on the bucket list. It is the most exciting and fun way to explore new places and people and spend some quality time with your friends and family. When going on an ocean voyage cruise insurance is essential for many reasons. Almost every experienced traveler would suggest you take a curise insurance for next trip at the time of buying the tickets to avoid last-minute hassles. Ship journeys are expensive, long, and in the most strange environment. Plenty of things can go wrong and amplify in magnitude because of the kind of travel you are in. This makes cruise travel insurance the most important component of your preparation.

Understanding the importance of cruise travel insurance

Traveling on a ship is not as casual as you might think. You are traveling through the waters and are far away from necessary services like a medical, airport, etc for most of the time. You are also not in charge of your journey. You need to follow a strict pre-defined routine and have restrictions of movement. Also, it is difficult to predict the behavior of the waters for such long periods that it takes you to reach your destinations. All these elements raise a concern about your wellbeing and safety. If anything goes wrong like illness, injury, delays, loss of damage, etc, travel insurance will help you even in the unpredicted and far away waters.

Reasons to get one

Travel insurance for a cruise journey is unavoidable. Here are some reasons which will convince you to invest in one while you plan for your next trip.


Ship journeys are long and are often planned months before the actual travel begins. You cannot predict the conditions that early. There may be some emergencies that would require you to cancel your tickets. Most cruise lines would give no refund or only a percentage. This can cost you big as cruise tickets are expensive. Cruise travel insurance can help you by reimbursing the entire amount or at least a large percentage.

Missed ship

Missing a train or even a flight due to delay is not a big deal. However, cruise runs on a strict schedule and missing one can be quite an issue. It not only ruins your mood for the vacation but also takes a deep dig in your pocket. Insurance can help you make alternative arrangements to reunite with your ship or reach your destination.

Medical emergency

Most ships offer onboard medical assistance for emergencies and do not ask for any additional payment. However, in serious condition, you will be evacuated and sent to a nearby hospital. Insurance will help you make these payments out of your pocket.

Interrupted trips

You may need to interrupt your trip for many reasons like a family emergency, medical issues, a mishap at other destinations, etc. In such cases, travel insurance can help you by reimbursing the amount for the remaining part of the journey including meals, stays, etc.

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