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All You Need to Know About Ras Al Khor: Main Attractions, How to Reach, etc.


Dubai, the city of extremes, is known for several things. Skyscrapers, amazing monuments, advanced shopping malls, spacious desert, and some splendid beaches are trademarks of this beautiful Emirate. However, you will also find some natural beauty here as well. Ras Al Khor is one of the most visited places in Dubai. This wetland reserve is home to a lot of wildlife. A large number of migratory birds and members of phylum crustaceans are the main reasons for its popularity.

The best thing about this place is that it is located near Dubai Creek. You can easily rent a car in Ras Al Khor or Dubai creek and explore this region. It will be a lovely experience to drive a car there. Leaving the industrial area of Ras Al Khor and entering the wildlife sanctuary in your car will allow you to witness how nature is still more beautiful than the advancement and development of this whole universe.

If you have never visited Ras Al Khor, you don’t worry about exploring it. We have a guide containing every information about this beautiful wetland. From reaching there to the main attractions of this wetland, we will tell you everything. Let’s begin the guide.

How to Reach Ras Al Khor?

The first thing is to reach this beautiful natural territory. The best way to reach there is to use a car. Drive your car from Dubai Mall or Burj Khalifa to Dubai Creek and then towards Ras Al Khor. The distance will be about 15 to 16 km. However, if you don’t want to drive a car, then you can opt for a taxi or public transport. You can pick any bus from line 53 or 103 to reach there. True fun and adventure will start reaching there.

Exploring the Industrial Aria

You must start your tour of this iconic place by exploring the Industrial area of Ras al Khor. You will have a lot of fun and amusements there. Following are some top things that you must do in this area.

  • First of all, you must go for a bike tour. You will find a lot of companies offering this tour. You will get a bike and have to drive it to the nearby desert. After reaching there you will start exploring the desert on your bike at a full speed. The experience of dune bashing on the bike will add more fun to this tour.
  • The next thing you have to do is to visit the fruit and vegetable souks in this area. You will find almost every variety of fresh fruits and vegetables there.
  • Visiting the sand fitness center will also be real fun. You will get a chance to view and use some advanced fitness equipment. Furthermore, you will also meet some experienced coaches as well.

Exploring Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

This is the place where you feel very close to nature. In the industrial area of Ras Al Khor, you will find a lot of car rental companies. Choose any car rental company to rent a car and start your journey from the industrial area to the wildlife sanctuary. So, you will find the best services to rent a car in Ras Al Khor and key attractions in the emirate here at

The best thing about Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is that its entrance is free. There are the following things that you should do in this natural territory.

  • The first thing that you must do there is to visit the flamingo hide. Flamingos migrate to this area in large numbers. You should never miss an opportunity to see these beautiful creatures that close. This is the only place in Dubai where you can see such a large diversity of flamingos.
  • The next thing you have to do is to explore mangrove hide. Towards the North side of this amazing wetland, a mangrove forest is present.
  • Now it’s time to see protected flora and fauna in this region. Several species of plants and animals have been protected by multiple orders to prevent them from extinction.
  • Apart from the above things you also try to befriend some mammals and reptiles in that area, explore some new diversity of plants, and go for an educational tour to know more about several species of birds.

Bottom Line

Ras Al Khor is a perfect blend of advanced development and natural beauty. You must visit this iconic wetland of Dubai whenever you get some free time. Make sure to click photos and record some amazing creatures present in this natural sovereignty.

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