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How to solve your problem of changing the name on your American Airlines Flight Ticket?


When your plans for vacation are final, you are so excited but this excitement can sometimes lead to mistakes like typing, spelling, or missing names on the air ticket while making a booking. If you have made your booking with American Airlines and got the name incorrect by mistake, then this piece of information can save you from big trouble. American Airlines has a highly convenient facility for their customers i.e. Airlines Name Change Policy. It gives permission to the passengers to rectify the mistakes in their names on the booking. Additionally, if you want to change your name due to marriage or divorce, you can easily do it with the help of this policy. Hence, ticket name changes are no more a hassle now!

Features of Airlines Name Change Policy 

  • As per Airlines name correction policy, a traveller is eligible for making minor changes to his/her first name such as spelling mistakes that they have made at the time of reservation. 
  • Only 3 characters can be corrected. 
  • Furthermore, American Airlines name change on the ticket is also permitted for the last name. Simply put, if you have got married or divorced, you can change your last name. 
  • ticket name changes are done in exchange for a fee that travellers need to pay to confirm the changes. The fee may vary between $200-$700.
  • You can change the name on tickets through offline and online modes. 

How to Solve the Problem of Name Change/Correction on American Airlines Tickets?

If your name has three or fewer incorrect characters, you can make American ticket name changes online using the below procedure. 

  • Visit American Airlines’ official site.
  • Press the tab “My trips.”
  • Put the passenger’s first and last name in the provided fields.
  • Now, enter the reservation code. 
  • Click on the tab “Find Reservations”; you will notice your AA reservations on the page.
  • Choose the concerned reservation. 
  • Make the name corrections.
  • Pay the name change fee, if any.
  • Save the corrections. 
  • Check your inbox for the confirmation mail from AA airlines. 

The most appropriate information about the Airlines Name Correction policy is mentioned above. Also, you have gone through the online procedure to make an Airlines name change on ticket. Besides, if you encounter any challenges while making online corrections, dial (833) 246-4556 to get assistance from the support executives and successfully save the changes. 

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