Easy Hacks to Increase Your YouTube Views
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Easy Hacks to Increase Your YouTube Views


Over the years, YouTube has grown from a platform with funny cat videos to the most reliable marketing tool for any business. Whether you are an independent content creator or run an e-commerce store, YouTube can help you reach your potential audience and increase overall brand awareness. But, there are thousands of YouTube channels right now, it can get a bit challenging to get the desired number of views on your videos.

Believe it or not, but nearly 500-hours of video content gets uploaded on YouTube every minute. This means if you want your videos to get more views, you’ll have to make sure that it stands out on the platform. In addition to this, you’ll have to follow a few tricks to engage the target audience and increase your channel’s viewership. 

So, in this guide, we’re going to share a few growth hacks that’ll help you get YouTube views and boost your channel’s growth. 

1. Create High-Quality Content

“Content is King”! This is the only golden rule to become successful on YouTube. You can try hundreds of shortcuts and dishonest ways to get views on YouTube, but if your content quality is not up to the mark, your channel will fail to sustain the same viewership in the long run. So, before everything else, make sure to focus on creating high-quality content that’ll help your videos engage the viewers. 

Now, there are different ways to make quality content on YouTube. You can analyze all your competitors and come up with ideas that no one is talking about. Similarly, you can also choose a popular niche and start making tutorial videos for the viewers. In either case, the idea is to create content that people actually want to see. This will help you get instant YouTube views and you’ll be able to build a strong viewership even for the coming years. 

2. Learn YouTube SEO and Optimize Your Videos

Like Google, Youtube is a search engine as well. In the backend, it follows a dedicated algorithm to display video results for a specific search query. This means if you want to get organic views on your channel, you’ll have to ensure that all your videos are well-optimized for better search visibility. 

Just like a website, you can follow different YouTube SEO practices to optimize your videos. Start by adding a target keyword to the video’s title and make sure to place it at the beginning. Also, add multiple keywords to the video’s description and add relevant tags as well. Finally, use a custom thumbnail to grab the user’s attention and increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) for your videos. 

3. Use End Screen to Get More Views

One of the most convenient ways to get instant YouTube views is through “End Screen”. To do this, first, choose the most popular video on your channel. You can do this by heading to YouTube studio and analyzing the demographics. Once you have the right video, link your less-popular videos to its end screen. This way as soon as someone will finish the popular video, he/she’ll automatically watch the other video as well. 

It’s worth noting that there are a few rules to effectively use “End Screen”. For instance, the video that you want to link to the “End Screen” should be similar to the first video. The general thumb rule says that you should link a video that your viewers would want to watch after finishing the “popular” video. 

4. Buy YouTube Views

If it’s been only a few weeks since you created your channel, you can buy YouTube views to get the desired viewership. In the first few months, it can be extremely challenging to even get 100 views on your videos. Even if your content quality is up to the mark, people will less likely watch your videos. 

To surpass this initial hurdle and get your first boost, it would be better to buy views from a trusted platform. This will help you build confidence and make your content reach the most potential viewers.  

5. Share Videos on Social Media

There’s nothing as reliable as your social media accounts to get more views on your YouTube videos. If you already have a decent social media following, you can easily get thousands of views by sharing your video’s link on all your handles. Also, if you have a website for your brand, you can integrate YouTube video links in your blog posts and redirect your site’s visitors to your YouTube channel. 


It’s no secret that YouTube is a competitive platform. If you want to get instant YouTube views, you’ll have to follow the right approach to ensure that your videos reach the target viewers. Use the above-mentioned tactics and you’ll be able to increase the total number of views on your channel easily.

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