Shop, eat, and treasure memories here- Hong Kong.
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Shop, eat, and treasure memories here- Hong Kong.


Braided with a combination of art, culture, and thriving modernity –Hong Kong is one of the busiest and flourishing economies in the world. The authenticity and the mixture of urban influence make Hong Kong a must-see place. An uncompromising style and attitude bring an experience that you cannot forget. The touch of modernization in the massive infrastructures, the unchanged flavours of the cuisines, and the splendid art and history of Hong Kong is unbelievable. Cathay Pacific brings you flights to glide into an incredible travel experience.

Touring through incredible places in Hong Kong

Cheung Chau Island is one of the prettiest sights on Hong Kong’s map. Have a spectacular day on the island with pleasing landscapes. The island comprises two beaches Tung Wan Beach and Kwum Yan Beach the beaches are beaming with roaring waves. Listen to the splashing waters and dive into the beaches for swimming. There are cafes and restaurants to satiate your hunger. Snack on mochi filled with fresh mango, Japanese style Taiyaki waffles or red bean pastries, or have a scrumptious meal whole steamed fish fried rice and noodles, fried clams in black bean sauce deep-fried squid, etc. at So BorKee. The view is alluring; give your arms some exercise by rowing to the island. The island is known for a cave where an 18th-century pirate lived. Climb on the bumpy and rocky island to see the tiny cave. After a long day enjoy some tasty snacks like Ping’an Bun and Fishball in the streets. Some restaurants at Cheung Chau with mouth-watering dishes are New Baccarat, Bay view Chinese Restaurant, and HingKee Beach Bar.

A tour through Victoria peak, Arbedeen fishing village pass through repulse bay beach end at Stanley market

Traveling to victoria’s peak is a breath-taking experience, the narrow roads taking you to the peak are stunning. The high rises give a fabulous view of the city from the top. With panoramic views, this peak is undoubtedly the most popular tourist places in the city. The cloud-topping peak amazes everyone who visits. Standing at the height of 1811 feet this hill gives a wide view of all the places surrounding it. The peak tram is most loved but it is mostly crowdy other means of transport like buses and cars are faster. View the harbors and the seas. The mall and the peak tower often have many tourists. The peak mall has a lot of restaurants and shopping centers.

A town away from the urban area -the Aberdeen is quite famous for yachts and pleasure boats. The main attractions here are the floating village and floating seafood restaurants. experience thrill at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant and a sampan ride. The Aberdeen fishing village can be seen with the Sampan ride. At the harbor which is surrounded bythe south coast of Hong Kong Island, Aberdeen town, and Ap Lei Chau, a tiny island get a view of startling fishing boats, sampans, and yachts. The village is underdeveloped and seems like the opposite of the bustling Hongkong. Still, several people are living in the harbor. Jumbo and Tai Pak floating restaurants have an aesthetic view, the food is amazing it accommodates 2000 diners. Indulge in the delectable dim sums. Get delighted in the free shuttle boats between Aberdeen Promenade, and Sham Wan Pier. Have a glance at the Wholesale Fish Market with many kinds of live seafood at the Aberdeen Promenade.

The breeze touches cheeks relaxing you at Repulse Bay’s beach, it is one of the most visited places with facilities like a kiosk, barbecue grill, changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, etc. Gaze at the clear blue-hued waters and let your feet soak in the sand. You can swim on the beach as the beach has lifeguards, it is safe. With an attractive background of buildings and small mountains, it has a panoramic view.

The street market in Stanley – Hongkong has a typical view of the traditional market with shops and restaurants. Find impeccable silk shops, souvenirs, clothing, and jewelry it is a place where you can bargain. As it is a candid and quirky street market it has millions of tourists visiting every year therefore every day it is geared up with tourists; dig into some authentic Chinese cuisines in Henry’s and Stanley Restaurant.

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