Poultry farming in Romania
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Poultry farming in Romania


According to the studies made on the past years related to poultry industry, there has been a huge and considerable increase in the exports of chicken products to many countries in Europe. This is because of the appreciation of people in Europe for having healthy and natural meals using Romanian chicken meals every day. The result of this was improving the dynamic of the livestock segments in the country and strengthened the Romanian economy during the past time.

Egg and chicken poultry consumption in Romania is now a habit, this is why a lot of people started to specialize in this industry and grew up family businesses and now this became like a life habit. This was the moment when poultry farming in Romania had a big bounce and there was registered a huge increase in the percentage of exports in a lot of countries from Europe.

With this success, a lot of investors have noticed Romanian chicken farms in Romania and took the decision to help them grow and expand their production line of products with a bigger variety. This is how the companies started to achieve the certifications for chicken poultry production related to hygiene and method of breeding and feeding the chicken with natural food and with no stress. The technological improvement has become also a habit in nowadays chicken farms and also the usual needs like air conditioning, water resources and feeding process are now made automatically.

In order to provide the best products on the market, LaProvincia team always pays attention to details and makes everything in a proefficient way and this is way the hole producing process starts from cultivating the best grains and selecting it in order to feed the chicken with the best type of food. Our company has a highly professional strategy in the production process which is capable of influencing the quality of products due to the vast experience of the specialists in this field who are trying every day to find new challenges and solutions in order to grow up and innovate.

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Situated in the top of poultry producers in the entire Europe, LaProvincia has a wide number of farms and chain stores where we are selling the best products obtained through the modern standards of this industry. The authentic taste of the chicken meat is considered unique and this is why the number of exported products had a huge increase during the past years and is continuously getting higher. To ensure the freshness f the products and the original taste will be experienced by our consumers, we invested in our car fleet which has a strict logistic system in order to reach the destination in the shortest time possible.

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