Is Malta Worth Visiting For A Holiday?
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Is Malta Worth Visiting For A Holiday?


Malta is a small country found in the middle of the mediterranean between Sicily and the North African Coast and is known for its historic sites. If you’re into history then this is the place you would want to visit.Explore one of the most beautiful places in Malta,the Blue Lagoon

The maltese island has a solid history regarding the succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British. It’s pretty diverse and you wouldn’t have to worry about what language they speak as the national language is English.


When taking a visit to Malta, it would not take a lot for you to realise why this small island excels when it comes to tourism. As Malta is surrounded by the sea, there are obviously going to be many beaches for you to attend with a stunning coastline not to mention the reputation Malta has for its diving hotspot.

Christian Ellul of the E&S Group in Malta who takes many boat trips as a form of public transport describes it as “a stunning place to work in”. He highly recommends the place as the weather is almost sunny all year around so if you’re looking for a natural tan this is the place to go.

What A Holiday In Malta Feels Like?

Christian describes his business trips almost like a holiday as it is a walker’s paradise. It is easy to travel and connect with different people and there are numerous methods of travelling so that you can visit different parts of the island within minutes 24 hours a day.

Hiring a car is described as being a breeze and if you’re up for the challenge, you could travel to the sister islands, Gozo and Comino in a day being a tourist that you are and come back after inheriting the different cuisines you would have been offered to eat. If you want to lose weight, do not worry about it as there are a lot of activities you can take part in including scuba diving. You could even have a cheap day and lay on your back on the golden bay beach next to a local hotel.

Business Travel

Business has been mentioned quite a bit here and that’s because the island can cater for your needs if you ever need a corporate event. There are venues which are one of a kind with its unique views. In fact, many moviemakers come to these events as they are known to shoot videos here due to the amazing variety of locations.

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Who knows, you could find yourself in a well known movie in the future. There are many things you can do in Malta whether it is for business needs or for a nice holiday. So look no further and take a visit to the Island of Malta.

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