What things should your pet have during pet transportation
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What things should your pet have during pet transportation?


There is a difference in pet transportation requirements, and different countries may follow varied sets of restrictions. With the regulations’ help, it helps people follow the same when transporting pets in a hassle-free manner. It helps to keep away from pests, pet diseases, or injuries caused to the animals.

So, based on the destination of your pet travel, you should obtain a certificate of inspection of your pet from the concerned authorities of the destination. By this, it shall help to make plans ahead of time. It shall help you look for alternatives to transport your pet to the decided destination in case of any problems.

Suitable examination of your pet

Before pet transportation, it is required for proper pet examination and visiting the veterinarian. Only healthy animals are allowed for transporting, and animals should be completed tests, vaccinations, certifications of health conditions, and the like. Certified doctors should complete the documents of veterinary inspection before you opt for transport. Moreover, you have to check the rules of the destination for certification before transporting. Only a certified veterinarian is allowed to offer the certification to your pets.

Arranging for animal care in transit and arrival

  • You have to make arrangements for the utmost care of your pet when transporting. It includes arranging for food, water, suitable handling, and taking care of the pet. Some other related tips are given in the following part.
  • When visiting a veterinarian, the person can guide you on the correct things that should be provided to your pet on transit and arrival.
  • You can get in touch with the home veterinarian if you want the person to accompany your pet during transit so that it can take care of your pet. In such cases, it is better to hire a local one who is already aware of your pet’s health condition.
  • If suspecting that pet needs to be quarantined, you should discuss the same with the destination’s higher authority. It shall help to get the required healthcare assistance for your pet.

Veterinarian should follow legal steps

The veterinarian should go by legal rules and should not violate laws.

  • Offer a complete CVI only after proper examination of pet just before you transport your pet
  • The generic CVI should contain useful information about your pet
  • Information about animal identification, tests, vaccination should be accurate in the report

Any incorrect information can result in big issues regarding the veterinarian and bring unwanted hassles in your pet transport.

Discuss in detail with a veterinarian as required

If the authorities of the destination place have sent some special requirements about your pet’s health care, you should produce the same. It shall help the veterinarian examine your pet and prepare a suitable CVI report that will be required in the destination place.

Importance to follow regulatory timeline

You need to be careful with the import requirement of the destination. In case, there is a shortage of time, it is better to plan for suitable alternatives for marketing, postponing travels, using pet sitters, changing boarding options and the like.

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Depending on the destination’s requirements, you have to make plans for the comfort of your pet.

If you are in a hurry, do not skip meeting the veterinarian, knowing about your pet’s vital requirements, scheduling early appointments, and the like. You have to take the necessary steps for any change in the plans to transport your pet.

Timing plays an important role

There are some requirements by destination countries in which the tests, examination, vaccination and the like should be done within the given time frame. It is important to follow the same before transporting the pet. If you fail to follow the requirements, the pet may not be allowed to enter the destination country. In some other cases, your pet may be quarantined for a longer period upon reaching. So, to avoid such unwanted situations, it is better to take the necessary steps and go through proper health examination to ensure that the pet is in proper condition to be transported.


When traveling with your pet, it is better to carry necessary documents like CVI and the like. The authorities may ask for it while traveling to justify your claim of your pet’s condition. In any other situation, the destination or authority may impose a fine or refuse entry to the destination.

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