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Top 5 Ropeway Rides In India for the adventurer in you


With modern technologies, people use drones to get a bird’s eye view of any place. However, if you are an adventure seeker and dream of clicking the perfect bird’s eye view of a particular place on board a ropeway. Yes, you heard it right! A ropeway! In India, ropeways are popular and mostly found in hill stations. If you want to unleash the hidden adventurer in you, try to get the hotel booking tasks completed with Intermiles and then proceed with the rest of the plan to opt for a ropeway ride in one of the following places located in India.

Gulmarg Gondola

In Jammu & Kashmir, Gulmarg Gondola is a two-stage ropeway that connects between Gulmarg resort and Apparwath peak. Accommodating 6 people this gondola ride is long combining both the stages. The adventurous cable car ride ranks largest within Asia and the second largest in the entire world. Whether you are a couple or visiting with the entire family, the Gulmarg Gondola ride is a fulfilling experience for all.

Raigad Ropeway

The Raigad Ropeway is an aerial ride to the Raigad Fort located in Maharashtra. Raigad Fort which once used to be the residence of Shivaji Maharaj is now a popular tourist attraction. You can opt for the ropeway ride between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The management takes care of the waiting period by showcasing an educational documentary video film along with a tour of the historical museum.

Auli Cable car

Apart from trekking and skiing, Uttarakhand boasts an aerial cable car network in Auli. You can avail yourself of the cable car from Joshimath and experience an aerial ride to Auli. The 40km long ride is not only located about 3010 meters above sea level, but is also one of the longest cable car rides in India. If you are an adventure monger, add the Auli Cable car ride to your bucket list and experience a heavenly feel. 

Gangtok Ropeway

One of the major attractions of Gangtok started back in 2003, this ropeway starts from the Deorali market and halts at two places: Namnag and Tashiling. If you visit Gangtok, do not miss riding the ropeway and experience the mesmerising views of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga, snow-covered Gangtok city along with the panoramic views of the surroundings.

Malampuzha Udan Khatola

Located in Malampuzha Gardens, this ropeway is a major pull for tourists. Close to the Malampuzha Dam, the cable car ride takes passengers on a height of 60ft that assures them a complete ariel tour of the entire park, allowing them to witness the beautiful views of Yakshi (basically an enchantress), fountains and the flower-laden gardens of Malampuzha. The ropeway ride was initiated back in the year 1991 covering a length of a total of 626 meters, joining two ends of the entire garden. Moreover, the cable car ride is South India’s first and has a one of a kind vibe of its own.

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