Why is a transit hotel important in an airport
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Why is a transit hotel important in an airport? Learn it here


Jetsetters, globetrotters, and backpackers probably know how is it like to sleep coiled up on a metal or a plastic seat inside a cold air-conditioned airport the entire night to catch a connecting flight to their destination, sometimes it even takes an entire day for their scheduled connecting flight, but it should not have been that way.

Just imagine having a long airport layover, and all you want is to get to your destination but you are trapped there for five hours up to an entire day, and stretching out on a bench with your luggage serves as your pillow just do not go to make the time fly fast. You are longing for a comfortable and soft bed, and perhaps a hot shower to freshen up yourself just in time for your next long flight to get to your destination, but you do not want to get out of the airport and face the hassle of the process that you have to pass in the immigration and customs area.

Well, if you have a lot of time to waste as you wait for your connecting flight, you can ask your airlines before you book a ticket with them to also book a transit hotel just to make sure that you are safe and sound when you land somewhere especially if you have a very long layover at the airport.

Transit hotels are facilities which are technically a hotel or a day room where you can rest without exiting the airport. Most transit hotels can be rented for a few hours or for an entire night depending on your scheduled flight to your next destination especially if you have an intercontinental flight scheduled.

In Malaysia, particularly its capital Kuala Lumpur which boasts a very beautiful international airport named the Kuala Lumpur International Airport or commonly known as KLIA have a satellite building next to gate C5 where several transit hotels cater travelers on a daily basis. There are many KLIA2 airport transit hotel that you can choose from to stay, there are more than a hundred rooms with bathrooms, beds, and televisions together with WiFi connectivity. Most of these hotels give access to travelers to certain amenities such as steam rooms, sauna, and fitness centers.

Transit hotels are there for one purpose, to make the long, tiring flights more tolerable to travelers. These short-stay hotels are well-secured considering that it is located inside airports, meaning you do not have to go out of the airport, and these are also located near terminals for the convenience of the passengers who rented the hotel rooms not to miss their respective flights. The passengers can just walk off to their scheduled flights, or if they just arrived at the airport, the transit hotels are just a few hundred meters from the terminals.

Transit hotels do not require any visa to stay there, and the rates there are varied but are often much cheaper than booking regular hotels outside the airport but the minimum hours that a traveler can book is six hours inclusive of all the amenities available.

This concept was originated in Western countries and was totally accepted and been a profitable business for hotel owners in many countries nowadays.

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